Green Burial Monument Features

All over Canada, green burial options are becoming more common. To cater to this movement, Meadowlark Memorials has specially constructed green burial cemetery monuments to suit the style and budget of all cemeteries.



  • Size: 165’’ x 84’’ x 12’’
  • Featured in basalt, also available in granite .
  • 190 Inscriptions
  • Design optional


  • Overall size: 165’’ x 84’’ x 12’’ (may vary)
  • Featured in grey granite. (Available in other colours)
  • 240 Inscriptions: NIC
  • Married couples can be together on same line.
  • Design optional: NIC


The Aurora

  • Size: 2 pieces 118’’ x 10’’ x 8’’
  • Featured in black granite
  • 1100+ inscriptions:
  • Married couples can be together on same line
  • Available in other granite colours
  • Unique slotted installation

The Tree Of Life

  • Size: 120’’ x 90’’ x 10’’
  • Featured In black granite (available in other colours)
  • 200 Inscriptions per side:
  • Customized tree shape and font style

Many cemeteries are choosing these large focal features to memorialize the names of those who forgo a traditional personalized headstone when choosing green burial. Meadowlark offers many options of naturally designed, community memorials that can hold 150 to 2000 inscriptions.

Meadowlark offers full service from the initial green burial landscaping, monument design, construction, and installation. Inscriptions will be added by our specialized on-site engraver. Whether you have a small rural cemetery or a larger city cemetery, a cost-effective green burial area will become a valuable addition.

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