Bronze Plaques

Bronze Memorial Plaques

Meadowlark Memorials offers beautiful Bronze Memorial Plaques and cemetery markers to memorialize your loved one. Bronze memorials are installed flush with the ground and are mounted on a concrete or granite base.

You can choose from a wide collection of design elements, endearment phrases and symbols representing various religious or non-religious affiliations.
Our experienced monumental artists will help you design a memorial that reflects the individuality of the life you are celebrating.

Bronze flower vases may be attached to the memorial to display flowers year-round.

Other bronze products available.

Building and house signage,
Signs for municipal, provincial and federal governments,
Bronze Memorial Plaques for universities and colleges,
Signs for professionals (lawyers, doctors, dentists and others)
Signs for architects and builders,
Please view our bronze memorial gallery below.

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Bronze Memorial Plaques
Bronze Memorial Plaques
Bronze Memorial Plaques
Bronze Memorial Restoration

Bronze memorial plaques are made up of copper alloy. Time and weather conditions cause bronze to eventually form a green patina on the surface. Although the green patina is desirable to some people, others would prefer to keep it looking the way it did on the day it was purchased.
Contact us for more details on bronze memorial restoration.


Preservation- To keep safe from harm or damage; Historic preservation endeavors to preserve our histories artifacts and objects from prior ages.

Quartz- A common crystalline rock. The main part of granite.

Reset- The re-installation of a sloping, collapsed, or broken headstone or memorial.

Restoration- To restore or make new again. More destructive then conservation, restoration implies recreating something that has been lost.

Setting Clamps- Firmly attached to a die memorial, the stone is then lowered without danger of chipping it or the base it sits on. Commonly when there is no way to get lifting devices under the stone.