Headstone Engraver
 Headstone Engraver
Headstone Engraver

On-Site Headstone Engraver
Meadowlark Memorials is one of the only memorial companies in British Columbia that has a mobile engraving unit. This enables us to add names, dates, epitaphs or any other inscriptions to an existing headstone in the cemetery. Completing the inscriptions on-site gives families peace of mind that their memorial will not be disturbed or damaged, most importantly the memorial is there when they need it most.

 Headstone Engraver

TIME SENSITIVE: A rush service is available to those who would like inscriptions or memorial accessories added in time for funeral services. Please contact us to arrange this service.


Headstone Preservation

Cemetery Headstone Engraver 

The above picture illustrates headstone cleaning and preservation of an Upright memorial.

No harmful chemicals were used in the memorial cleaning process. The memorial was not pressure washed or sandblasted.

Although some monument dealers claim to do monument restoration and preservation. Most memorial companies use Improper cleaning methods. Some will even sandblast to quickly make an old weathered marble stone look new again.

Sandblasting removes part of the stone and opens the pores. This is usually detrimental to the stone.

Many old marble headstones have very lightly engraved designs. Sandblasting over these designs will ruin the design, making an old weathered stone even more weathered.

The underlining principle of Headstone preservation is to do no harm, to Leave the grave site improved but not a cartoon version of what it once was.

The desire to make things look like new is common but not realistic. Making a historic memorial look new again is not what we are trying to achieve.

Meadowlark Memorials does not use acids or bleach cleaners. We do not use high PSI pressure washers.
Our techniques in monument preservation are like those used in restoring historic buildings, gentle, natural and long-lasting, without causing damage to the memorial or the surrounding environment.

Please contact Meadowlark Memorials if you need a memorial monument refurbished, restored or need to add dates a memorial before funeral services. Rush services are available to Victoria British Columbia. Please call if a rush service is needed for the rest of Vancouver Island.