Hand Drawn Custom Designs

Memorial Design Gallery

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Meadowlark Memorials can draw any design that you would like your memorial. Whether it be a tranquil lake scene or family farmhouse. Simply supply us with an image of the desired artwork and we will create a layout for you.

Our custom scenes are made from a combination of fine sand etching and diamond rotary tools. Techniques like this yield the best results and allow for extreme detail and precision.

We do not use bright white paint in our designs. Instead, we use the correct engraving procedure. This ensures that we can guarantee legibility for all our memorials stones.

Our memorials come with three hours of design time. This is usually enough time to design a custom scene. Some scenes may require more time depending on how detailed it is.

For more information regarding custom memorial artwork, please contact us at (778) 679-9224

Headstone Epitaphs

Epitaphs are more commonly short and concise. Choosing a suitable headstone saying can be the hardest part for most families to decide on. It may seem impossible to sum up a person’s life in a few words. Timeless Epitaphs such as “In Loving Memory” and “Forever Loved” are the most common epitaphs.
Epitaphs can also be quite personal and even humorous. Quotes such as “Gone fishing” or “Gone golfing” can express a loved one’s favorite hobby or past time
Sometimes a favorite saying of our loved fits just perfect.
Below is a list of timeless epitaphs.

In Loving Memory


Much Loved.

A Free Spirit.

Never Forgotten.

Into the sunshine.

Uncompromisingly unique

Dearly loved.

Once met, never forgotten.

Forever Remembered.

Love you always.

Peace perfect peace.

In Loving memory of.

Always together.

Devoted to love.

Dance on my love

Your love will light my way.

Forever in our hearts.

Until we meet again.

Ever loved.

So loved.

An inspiration to all

Forever In God’s care.

Together again.

Love is waiting.

A life well lived.

Lifes work well done.

Life is not forever. Love is.