Purchasing a memorial

What does the average Headstone Cost?

The cost of a headstone can vary significantly depending on various factors such as style, size, color, and finish. Different cemeteries have their own set of regulations, which can range from allowing small grass markers to large upright memorials. To get specific information about cemetery regulations and memorial pricing, it is recommended to contact Meadowlark Memorials directly. They can provide detailed guidance and accurate pricing based on your preferences and the cemetery’s requirements.

How much do flat grass markers cost?  Grass markers start at $610.00 Please contact us if you require a quote for a specific size and colour.

Do you offer a discount if more than one memorial is purchased? Certainly, please contact us for more details.

How much does on-site stone engraving cost for memorials or stone address boulders? On-site engraving for memorials starts at $465.00 Please contact us for more information on stone engraving.

Where to buy a headstone?
Although some cemeteries and Funeral Homes can assist you with headstone sales, you are free to purchase a memorial directly from the monument supplier. Some families like to deal with the funeral arrangements first and leave the purchasing of a memorial to a later date. Purchasing directly from a monument supplier you will deal directly with the layout artist and stone carver.

What payment options do you offer?
We accept most major credit cards. We also accept Debit, E-transfers, personal cheques and cash.

What do you include in the headstone cost?
All lettering and design are included in our cost. Three hours of artist design time for custom drawings.
We also include a written guarantee for defects in the granite. Meadowlark Memorials also guarantees the legibility of lettering and design on the memorial. The guarantee has no expiration.

Will the cemetery accept a gravestone purchased from Meadowlark Memorials?
Certainly, as long as the gravestone meets the cemeteries regulations.

Designing the memorial
Will I see a layout proof of the gravestone design and lettering before it is made?
Yes, you will receive a lifelike layout proof, so you know exactly what the memorial will look like. Please visit our about us page for an example.

Can the designs be altered in any way?
Yes, any design can be customized to your specific needs.

Can I add a portrait picture to a headstone I ordered from you?
Yes, we offer fine Italian Porcelain Portraits which can be added to most granite memorials. Our porcelain portraits come with the best guarantee in the industry. For more information please view our porcelain portraits page.

Can I add a portrait picture to an existing headstone in the cemetery? Yes, given there is enough space on the existing memorial to accommodate a porcelain portrait. Meadowlark Memorials can add a porcelain portrait  to an existing memorial without removing the stone from the cemetery.

Can I add a flower vase to the memorial? As long as the cemetery regulations allow vases, one or two vases can be added to the base of an upright as an integral part of the memorial design. The reversible vase can be added to flat markers. The reversible vase is a convenient way of protecting your vase during cemetery maintenance. Please visit Our flower vase page for more details.

Can you do inscriptions in different languages?
We can offer inscriptions in most foreign languages that use the English alphabet. We can also offer Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic. Please contact us for more details.

On your website, the lighter colour granites have the polish removed from around the lettering, Why?
To guarantee legibility on lighter colour granite’s the stone will need to go through a different engraving process compared to darker colours. Inscriptions and design are deeply engraved and the polish is removed from around the lettering. This ensures legibility instead of relying on paint for contrast. Please refer to our granite colour diagram to see examples.

Do I get a choice of granite colors to choose from?
Certainly, our granite colour chart is below. For detailed art work, we recommend using Galaxy black granite.

Installing the memorial
Who installs the headstone at the cemetery?
Most cemeteries will offer an installation service for a fee. For cemeteries that do not offer this service, Meadowlark Memorials Will Install the memorial.

Can I install the gravestone myself?
Usually not, most cemeteries have strict safety regulations stating installations must be carried out by the cemetery staff or by a licensed monument company.

If we purchased a memorial from Meadowlark Memorials could you ship the memorial to the BC interior? Certainly, memorials can be shipped to any cemetery In British Colombia. We can also ship memorials all across Canada.

Should I choose a concrete or granite foundation for the gravestone to be set on? Unlike granite, concrete is not naturally formed. Concrete is made up of three parts; water, aggregate, and cement. It has a short lifespan of 50 to 100 years. Granite is the second hardest natural stone to diamond and is a longer lasting option.

Paying for the memorial
What payment options do you offer? We accept most major credit cards. We also accept Debit, E-transfers, personal checks and cash.

Do you offer a payment plan? Although we do not offer a payment plan, we can arrange a payment method that works best for you. Please contact us for more details.

Contact meadowlark Memorials for a specific headstone cost
Other questions
Are you a reputable company?
Yes, our staff has over 70 years of combined experience. Founded in 2014, Since then we have gained great respect from the families we have helped and have built strong working relationships with the cemeteries on Vancouver Island. Our primary goal is to make the experience of purchasing a memorial a simple and healing experience. Please see our google reviews to see what families are saying about us.

Should we purchase a gravestone for a cremation plot? Contrary to what some may think, there is no difference for marking a cremation plot to a burial plot. The cemetery has a specific area for the placement of a gravestone regardless of it being a cremation of burial.

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