Porcelain Photos


Precious Souvenir medallions and framed souvenir pictures in fine Italian porcelain are the modern and tasteful way to maintain a sense of contact and immortalize your dearly departed today and for posterity.

When bereaved, it’s natural to want to maintain the ­communication that was so abruptly ended.

A framed picture or plaque is a unique way to embellish and tailor an urn, columbarium niche or memorial. It adds significance and emotional value that would not ­otherwise be there.

These photos can be added to all memorials types. Digital enhancement of photos is available when only poor quality images are available. For best results we recommend using the best quality image available.


Photo Plaques

Over my career in memorial preservation, I have noticed an inadequate respect to historic monuments. It seems like most of our society was lacking attention to our history. However, focused on new innovative designs and modern architecture.

Having the mindset that is easier and cheaper to build new buildings instead of preserving historic ones. Why wouldn’t you remove a dilapidated building or monument and replace with a large new shiny one?

Progress sounds great, and in most cities and towns, development effects every living thing. I would like to draw attention to why preservation is so important by stating some simple truths. First, preservation and restoration offer a connection with our past. The structures teach us about the history that happened before we existed and promotes the respect for those who lived in various times. Historic monuments encourage pride or our heritage, making us unique in the world. Historical structures bring a certain character to our society’s.

With the bottom line as modern driving force, preservation should be widespread. It is often more economical to preserve old monuments and structures than to build new ones. Preservation is good for our economy. Quite often Architectural monuments and buildings are big tourist attractions. Most people visiting a new place want to experience the essence of the place, the essence or spirit is usually expressed through agricultural buildings and monuments.

Tourists can provide locals with jobs and extra income. Preserving historical structures produces workplaces for both local people and global experts. Preservation requires higher skills and knowledge than the average construction company and thus results in higher wages which also contribute to a growing economy. Finally, it is green, I do not like to use the word ” green ” it has become a selling feature, used by companies to push products that have very little environmental benefits. Saying that green is a good description of preservation.

Building new energy efficient buildings is important, but preserving the old ones is as ” green” as it gets. Preservation is the ultimate method of recycling. It helps save on construction waste and reduces the energy that would be used in manufacturing and shipping building materials and equipment.