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Upright Headstones

Meadowlark Memorials specializes in designing custom memorials. Our love of art and passion for design creates timeless works of art for families to cherish.
These standing memorials are the traditional style headstone. Standing tall, these memorials are attached to a granite base and are set on either a concrete or granite foundation. When designing upright headstones, the possibilities in the shape, size, and color are endless.
When it comes to tradition memorial, upright headstones is what is usually thought of. The process of designing and placing the memorial helps to honor and cherish the best memories of our loved one’s life. This ancient tradition helps loved ones through the grieving process acting as the final closure for the family.
Below are some positives of choosing upright headstones.

Wide selection of unique shapes and styles,
Larger surface area for design and lettering,
Design both front and back of the memorial,
Easily add memorial accessories (vase, photo plaques & memorial lighting)
Base helps protect uprights from damage that may occur by cemetery maintenance,
Easier to locate in the cemetery,
Larger font size, easier to read stone inscription and epitaphs.
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Upright Headstones Designed By British Columbia’s Expert Gravestone Makers

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Upright Headstones
In such a tough time, Carl helped ease some pain with such a beautiful piece of artwork that will forever hold my Grandfather’s memory. Carl was very professional and timely but also very precise in his work. I will highly recommend Meadowlark Memorials because even though no one wants to talk about these things when it comes down to it, I want the best for my loved ones.

Riki & Amy

Saanich, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you. It looks fabulous. I couldn’t wait. It is in the perfect location. And at this spot, we can also enjoy the back from the path. Everything is perfect. What an awesome memorial.

It has been very healing for me. Thank you so much. Your personality and kindness were so important.



Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada