Royal Oak Burial Park

Located at 4673 Falaise Drive in Victoria, Royal Oak burial park is one of western Canada’s largest burial parks.

More than 150,000 thousand people lay at rest at Royal Oak Burial Park. 70,000 of which have been buried and the other 80,000 have been cremated there.

In 2008, Royal Oak Burial Park was Canada’s first cemetery to have a section dedicated to green burial. The section is known as “Woodlands” an area that is left in its natural state. A large basalt boulder is situated at the entrance; this boulder lists the people that are laid to rest there.

Instead of the gravestone being placed to mark graves, trees and shrubs mark the people of the woodlands.

Royal Oak Burial Park offers many memorial options. The columbarium grove was opened in the 1980s. This offered an above-ground memorial location for ashes. In 1995 a mausoleum was installed, this offered another above ground interment space.

In 2000 the burial park has created new sections specifically for upright memorials. Upright memorials offer people a more creative way to memorialize their loved ones.

As you could imagine the cemetery has been expanded many times over the years. Today, it comprised of 135 acres, this is almost double its original size of 80 acres. To date, only 65 acres of the park have been developed.

Royal Oak Burial Park Plans for about 25 acres to never be developed for interments and left undisturbed. Another 17 acres of the park have been prepared and graded for future interments and will be used as needed.


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