St. Luke’s church is the resting place of many of the early families of the Cedar Hill area in Saanich and dates to the beginning of the Parish of St. Luke Cedar Hill. In 1861, Anthony Elliott gave St. Luke’s seven acres of land, including one acre for the church and cemetery.

Records indicate that St.Luke’s churchyard was soon enclosed by a wooden fence. However, it proved difficult to keep the fence in place because of the shallowness of the soil and the fence was later replaced by a stone wall.

The first recorded interment in the churchyard took place in 1886, although it seems likely that parishioners had been buried there in the twenty-five years prior. The churchyard was consecrated for Christian burials in 1892. An extra lot was added in 1929, with a consecration that year. In 1942, the churchyard was extended, and the new section consecrated.

In 1933 the graveyards paths were paved, and the headstones laid flat. Although burials took place in the early years, in recent years there has only been room for the interment of cremated remains. In 2003 and 2004, nearly 60 more plots for ashes were established, mainly at the north end of the graveyard. To improve the safety in the graveyard, several trees were removed or trimmed in 2007.

Over the years, donations have been made for the maintenance of the graveyard and a separate fund has been established to be used as a perpetual care fund. St. Luke’s church cemetery committee oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the graveyard. In the spring and summer, monthly cleanups take place on Saturday mornings where volunteers donate several hours to weed the graveyard and clean the graves and headstones. Please watch for details of the cleanup mornings on the St. Luke Cedar Hill Anglican Church website.

Volunteers from the community are always welcome. The group usually stops part way through the morning for refreshments and a time to chat. For more information about St. Luke’s Church or its churchyard, please contact the church office.

St. Luke’s Church

3821 Cedar Hill Cross Road

Victoria, British Columbia

Canada V8P 2M6

Phone: 250-477-6741     |     Fax:     250-477-6749

Meadowlark Memorials has completed many Restoration and Preservation projects in St. Luke Cedar Hill Anglican churchyard. For more information about our gravestone preservation services, please contact us.