Commercial or residential signs

In addition to designing and manufacturing custom grave markers, Meadowlark Memorials also creates striking house & address signs for any situation or location. Whether it be for a small or large corporate business, place of worship, apartment complex, public park, golf course, cemetery and more.

Meadowlark Memorials can help create a sign that will rightfully represent your organization. Furthermore, our signs are made to withstand weathering effects. Most noteworthy is that our signs feature a timeless design that conveys precise information.

Another service we offer is on-site engraving. Our fully equipped engraving unit allows us to engrave boulders and signs right on-site. Please call for more information regarding on-site engraving services.

If you have a boulder that needs engraving, please contact us today to arrange our on-site engraving service

House & Address Signs
Home Address Boulder
Sign Materials

House & Address Signs

What materials do we use for our signs?

Our house & address signs are usually made from granite or wood. Black polished granite boosts a stylish and modern look and offers the best contrast for complex designs.

Home address boulders are usually made from basalt or granite. The local materials and rugged shapes make this style of sign blend into its natural setting.

Do not hesitate to contact Meadowlark Memorials and start designing a sign for your business, home or other organization today.

House & Address Signs
Custom Granite Sign For Local Organization

The above photo illustrates a custom granite sign for a wild animal rehabilitation organization for Vancouver Island. This unique 8-inch thick black granite sign stands out in its natural setting. Designed and engraved on Vancouver Island by Meadowlark Memorials.
Location:1020 Malloch Road
Photo Credit: Carl Hughes

House & Address Signs
Golf Course Signage

Custom Golf Signage by Meadowlark Memorials
Our signs can rightfully represent your organization. All our signs are made to withstand weathering effects and feature a timeless design which conveys precise information. Here are some of the areas of custom golf signs we supply.
• Tee Signage
• Directional Signs
• Markers
• Practice Facility
• Street Signs
• Entrance & Interior Signs

For more information about our products or engraving service, please call (778) 679-9224.


Maria Gray, Nanaimo BC

It is with pleasure we submit this review for our beautiful Address Rock, Engraved by Carl Hughes of Meadowlark Memorials. From our first contact with Carl, the customer service we received we was amazing. He was professional, kind, attentive and very inclusive in choosing the design .
Carl was wonderful and very easy to work with you on our address rock, we are very pleased with the quality of the work and design. You delivered exactly what we asked for.
Still receiving wonderful comments on the beauty of the engraving on our rock.
Highly recommend you to our neighbors and friends.

Paul Smith, Langford BC

We use Meadowlark Memorials for all our Sandblasting and signs. Such a great company to deal with and always a pleasure.