Nanaimo Cemetery Markers

What types of grave markers are permitted at Nanaimo Bowen road cemetery?

All grave markers installed at the Bowen road cemetery must be made from granite or bronze.

How many grave markers can be placed on a grave site? What size can the memorials be at Bowen road cemetery?

Nanaimo Cemetery Markers

The Bowen cemetery allows two markers on a single plot. The maximum size for a marker shall not exceed (18 inches by 36 inches). All marker must also have a minimum thickness of 4 inches.

Uprights, Pillow Monuments, Flat Markers

Nanaimo Public Cemetery (Bowen Road cemetery) opening hours
Open at 8:00 am and closed by 4:30 am every day.

Bowen Road Cemetery: 555 Bowen Road

Townsite/Chinese Cemetery: 1598 Townsite Road. Often referred as the Chinese cemetery. You do not have to be of an Asian descent to be buried in the Townsite/Chinese Cemetery. The Townsite Cemetery was donated to the City by the Chinese Memorial Society, thus referred to as the Chinese Cemetery.

Wellington Cemetery: 4700 Ledgerwood Road. This cemetery is full and has no plots remaining for sale to the public.

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